☕️咖啡腰果醬 Coffee Cashew Butter (Smooth)



成份: 腰果,日本咖啡粉 Ingredients: Cashew and Japanese Coffee Powder only 淨重: 200克 Weight: 200g 最佳食用日期: 製造日起計6個月(見樽身) Best before: 6 months after manufacture day. (See label) 貯存方法: 開封後,不用放雪櫃,放陰涼位置即可。 Storage: Store in a cool dry place after opening. NO REFRIGERATION IS NEEDED. 由於產品沒有添加乳化劑,出現醬油分離乃是正常現象! 每次食用前請先徹底攪勻,切勿倒掉上層浮面的油! Oil separation is a norma phenomenon as no emulsifiers or additives were used in this product. Stir thoroughly before consumption. Do not pour the natural nut oil away. 全手工用心製作🤍

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